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Club calls and discussions

Our club calls and discussion sessions give you exclusive access to ahead-of-the-game investment opportunities, insightful probing, authentic responses and that all-important first look at management. And they’re all recorded for your convenience. It’s your questions, their answers – all under our roof.

Exclusive Club events

Your membership also unlocks access to a well-connected network of HNWIs and institutions with shared values, who enjoy socialising and sharing ideas and experiences with like-minded individuals at both face-to-face and virtual events.

June 2024 


Eden Research Group

Known for our ability to think differently, we join the dots across themes, topics and trends to deliver ahead-of-the game market insights that make a real difference to members’ investment decisions.

We have an impressive track record in identifying tomorrow’s opportunities today – and in showcasing the investment trends, ideas and deals that will drive our society’s future.

We facilitate access to the world’s most disruptive companies and leading industry thinkers, showcasing the investment trends, ideas and deals that will drive our society’s future.

The world is an increasingly noisy place. When you’re looking for new business and investment opportunities, it’s all too easy for information overload to get in the way – draining your time, your attention and your energy.

Membership of Curation Collective gives you the focused market intelligence and exclusive connection opportunities you need to cut through. So you make smarter, better-informed decisions that deliver real rewards.


Member benefits that unlock exceptional opportunities

As an investors’ club, our activities focus on identifying and showcasing high-conviction, long-term investment ideas. But annual membership also unlocks exclusive access to influential networking opportunities and private deals.

Membership is open to industry practitioners of all ages, because we can all benefit from both the knowledge of seasoned investors and the natural curiosity of the next generation.

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Ahead-of-the-game investment intelligence

Concise, curated insights on tracked themes and trends

Stock performance
Showcases of in-play stocks that are expected to perform well

Investment alerts and updates about key market developments

Track record
Outperforming MCSI ACWI market returns

Exclusive access
Corporate presenters and member events

Private deals
Ability to promote, invest in and benefit from private deals

Enhance both professional and personal connections

Graduate training and professional development opportunities

Charitable giving
Generating social as well as economic wealth

We showcase the world’s most interesting investment trends and highlight the companies most likely to benefit from them. Membership gives you access to an influential network of people, brilliant insights and ideas that give you an edge (whether you to choose to invest in them or not) and the all-important ability to do well by doing good.

Nick Finegold
Founder, Curation

I’ve found the thematic approach and creative videos produced by Curation Collective extremely helpful in identifying the stocks and ETF’s that might capitalise upon long-term secular trends.

Martin Gilbert
Chairman, Revolut & Asset Co

The Curation Collective webinar was a creative, informed and powerful forum in which to discuss the future of Football.

Daniel Levy
Chairman, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

Curation Collective’s unique trend-tracking capability has highlighted some incredible investment opportunities in a world where there is often too much noise.

Mark Lewis
Head of Climate Research, Andurand Capital Management.

Presenting to the Curation Collective was a fun-packed 90 minutes and the quality of questioning blew me away.

Adam Jonas
MD Morgan Stanley, Investment Analyst

Nick is my close pal of over 25 years and without doubt the person I learnt the most from in helping my city career and in developing the art and skill of being a broker.

Will Campion
The Money Maze, Capital Raiser

I find the clubs’ ability to identify and simplify complex trends a very helpful tool in my investment process.

John Green
Former founding partner of GLG, Private Investor