Themes & Sectors

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The Circular Economy

Recycling Goods

Capital & Finance

The evolution of banking and insurance

Security & Defence

Making the world safer

Life Sciences

From genomics to psychedelics

The Energy Transition

Getting to net-zero

Inflation Protection

Shield your portfolio from a downturn

Retail & Luxury

Will consumption stay in fashion?

Digital & Data

Privacy, storage and analytics

Blockchain & Web3

Democratising and decentralising finance

Democratising Society

Equality of opportunity

The Agrarian Revolution

The future of food

Decentralised Living

Humankind’s changing behaviours

Automation & Robotics

The world’s new workforce

 MaturityCAGRFavourite Stock
The Circular Economy< 10 years< 5%Tomra Systems
Capital & Finance< 10 years< 5%Burford Capital
Immersive Technologies> 20 years>10%Meta
Security & Defence> 20 years< 5%Axon
Life Sciences> 20 years>10%Cybin
The Energy Transition> 20 years5-10%Cameco
Inflation Protection< 10 years5-10%Wheaton
Retail & Luxury< 10 years< 5%Rolls Royce
Digital & Data10-20 years>10%Nokia
Blockchain & Web310-20 years5-10%Bitcoin
Democratising Society< 10 years< 5%Man U
The Agrarian Revolution> 20 years>10%Deere & Co
Decentralised Living< 10 years< 5%Membership Collective Group
Automation & Robotics> 20 years>10%Ouster